Pakistani Postal Administration
(August 1947 March 31st, 1948)
After the division of India on August 15th, 1947, the Branch Post Office was taken over by Pakistan postal administration.
Indian stamps continued to be used during the Pakistani postal administration until October 1947, when stamps of India overprinted PAKISTAN values from 3p to 2r and Indian postal stationery 1 ½a envelopes overprinted PAKISTAN were placed on sale at Dubai and continued in use until March 31st, 1948. Indian postal administration Cancels continued in use during the Pakistani administration, Type 6 and Type 7 cancels were used only.
 Unoverprinted Indian stamps used during the Pakistani postal administration.
 1947 Airmail cover to Bombay franked on reverse with India 1/2a purple & 2a vermilion tied by "DUBAI PERSIAN GULF" cds's dated "8 SEP' 47".

"PAKISTAN" overprints on Indian stamps were replaced on October, 1947.
1948 Airmail cover to Bombay franked on reverse with Pakistan 1/2a purple tied by "DUBAI PERSIAN GULF" cds dated "2 FEB' 48" and with a postage due cachet, plus Bombay arrival cds and with a "BOMBAY UNPAID".
Pakistan Stamps Used In Dubai: -
King George VI Stamps
1947, October 1. Perf. 131/2x14
3p  slate
½a  rose violet
9p  green
1a  carmine rose
1½a dark purple
2a  scarlet
3a violet
3½a ultra
4a  chocolate
6a  peacock blue
8a  blue violet
12a  carmine lake
14a  rose violet
1r  brown & slate
2r  dark brown & dark violet

King George VI Envelope
1½a  black

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